If disrespecting the Prophet is blasphemous, how is it justified to insult 'Mahadev'?
If disrespecting the Prophet is blasphemous, how is it justified to insult 'Mahadev'?

New Delhi: After being suspended from the BJP's primary membership, former Delhi BJP spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal on Sunday (June 5, 2022) have apologised for their statements. Nupur Sharma said that for the last few days, derogatory remarks were being made about Lord Shiva and because of this, something wrong came out of her mouth in anger, then she takes back her words.


Nupur Sharma shared a post and wrote, "I have been going on a TV debate for the last several days, where my adorable Shiv ji was constantly being insulted. It was being said in front of me that it is not a Shivlinga but a fountain and such Shivlings are found on every footpath of Delhi. Go and pray. I could not tolerate the insult of Shiva in this way again and again in front of me and in a fit of rage, I said something. If my words have hurt someone's religious sentiments, I take back my words. My intention has never been to hurt anyone. According to the report, after being expelled from the party, former BJP leader Naveen Jindal says his aim was never to hurt anyone's religious sentiments. Jindal has urged people through social media not to make his address public. He has claimed that he is receiving constant murder threats. Navin Jindal has urged the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Lieutenant Governor to take cognizance.

The point to be noted in this whole development is that, ever since the Gyanvapi case has come into the limelight and it has been claimed to have found a Shivling during the survey there. Since then, the adorable God of Hindus, Shiva, is being made fun of on social media and this is not a new thing. From Arfa Khanum Sherwani to Rana Ayub has made derogatory posts about Hindu deities.

It is absolutely true that, in a secular and democratic country like India, no one is allowed to insult anyone else's religion, but the same thing applies to those who sometimes make fun of the roadside pillars by calling them Shivlings, sometimes posting derogatory posts on other gods and goddesses. That is to say, the honour that belongs to prophet Mohammed is also of Jesus, the same is that of Mahadeva and the same is that of Guru Nanak. That is why if you throw a screw at someone, then the one in front can also do something like this, so everyone should follow their own limitations.    
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