One booked with 170 bundles of illegal Chinese manjha in Delhi

NEW DELHI: A 48-year-old man was detained in the New Delhi and 170 bundles of illegal Chinese manjha (a glass-coated synthetic kite string) were found in his possession, an official said on Monday. The culprit was identified as Ashok Kumar, a resident of Delhi.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer) Sameer Sharma said the beat staff of Nihal Vihar police station were present in the area for patrolling and at about 4 pm on Sunday, they found illegal Chinese manjha kept in a shop.

The DCP said that 170 bundles of illegal Chinese manjha (Mono kite) were recovered during the search in Ashok Kumar's store.

Accordingly, the accused was taken into custody by the police after filing a FIR under sections 7 and 15 of the Environment Protection Act  and section 88 of the Indian Penal Code.

He confessed during a protracted interrogation that he owns a tea business and, out of thirst for more money, trades in the sale of illegal Chinese manjha in the Nihal Vihar neighbourhood.

Last week, Delhi Police data showed that 141 cases registered for illegally selling Chinese manjha, 137 people detained and 14,160 manjha rolls caaaptured across Delhi. Around 24 of these cases were registered in Outer district, followed by 21 in West and South-West districts. The maximum seizure was taken place in North-West district, where 11,923 manjha reels were captured.

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