29 dies after hotel collapses in China
29 dies after hotel collapses in China

Beijing: With the increasing number of diseases around the world, a series of disasters and incidents are becoming a cause of trouble for everyone today, see where someone is losing his life by being the victim of these big accidents. After which, now the only question on everyone's tongue is whether we are safe in our homes today or not.

In Shanxi province of China, the number of people who died in this incident has risen to 29 after a hotel building collapsed on Saturday. Local authorities reported it on Sunday. According to the rescue team, the incident took place at around 9.40 am on Saturday morning when the family members and fellow villagers went to attend an 80-year-old birthday party at the Juxian Hotel in Chenzhuang village in Jiangfen County.

The work of the rescue team was completed on Sunday morning. After the collapse of this two-storey building, 57 people have been safely evacuated from its rubble. According to the news agency, 29 of them have been confirmed dead, 7 seriously injured and 21 others with minor injuries.

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