Can you believe this!! Pet dog killed his own boss...
Can you believe this!! Pet dog killed his own boss...

You may have heard that someone shot a dog, but you may have never heard of a dog shooting someone. This is a case from America. Here a dog fired at its owner. Obviously, neither a dog would not have done so deliberately, nor does the dog have enough understanding about this.  

In fact, the gun was placed on the rear seat of the pickup truck. The dog was also sitting there and suddenly his leg went on the trigger. The gun was loaded and the bullet hit straight into the owner's back. The incident took place in Kansas, where the police have also given information about this. The Summer County Sheriff's Office said it was an unfortunate accident. Due to the pet dog, the gun was fired and the owner died.

He said, "Investigation has been started in this case, but from the initial investigation, it seems that it is a hunting incident." Let me tell you that shooting in America has become a very common thing. A lot of people here have guns. According to statistics, 500 people have lost their lives in shooting incidents in 2021 alone.  

There have been six mass killings in the United States this year, in which 39 people have lost their lives. At least 11 people died in a shooting in The City of Monterey Park in Los Angeles, California. In addition, two students died in a shooting at des Moines School in Iowa province.

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