Photojournalist beaten after taking photographs of lover couple in rain
Photojournalist beaten after taking photographs of lover couple in rain

The photo of a romance in the monsoon rain has become an issue of debate in Bangladesh this time. Photojournalist Jibon Ahmed has posted this photo on his Facebook page and it has become viral in social media. According to the information, this photo has been taken to Dhaka University, where there were violence and protests just a few days back.

In this case, three students have been suspended who had two students to capture each other's hands. Talking about this picture, many people have said it as obscene and crappy. According to Bangladesh's News website, a conservative blogger has written, "Lovers are becoming insatiable. Earlier things used to be in the screen but now the days are getting dark. He is not far away when such people will start loving in public places. Meanwhile, Ahmed, who took the photo, says that the couple has not raised any objection to the photo. He himself will not tolerate 'moral police'. He told the media that he was roaming in search of good pictures in the university. Then he saw what a lover is doing to each other in the rain."

Ahmed told that he immediately captured them in camera. But when the photo was sent to the Newsroom, his editor refused to publish the photo. They said that the response would not be okay. Then Ahmed told his editor, 'You can not see negativity in this picture, it is a symbol of true love. After this, I shared it with Instagram and Facebook and in an hour it was shared 5 thousand times. A day after this, some of his fellow photojournalists attacked him and his boss withdrew the identification card issued by him and the laptop without reason." Although Ahmed gave the information to the editor about his attack, he promised to help in legal action. Supporting him it has been said that everyone is praising his work.

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