PM Modi to Attend COP-28 in Dubai: Set to Discuss Climate Action
PM Modi to Attend COP-28 in Dubai: Set to Discuss Climate Action

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to depart for Dubai today, marking his participation in the prestigious World Climate Action Summit, COP-28. The two-day event, commencing on November 30th, has garnered attention worldwide, with PM Modi's presence a key highlight. The invitation extended by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, has set the stage for bilateral discussions between PM Modi and various global leaders also attending the conference.

Speaking on India's stance on climate change, Sanjay Sudhir, the Indian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, emphasized the nation's commitment to its promises. With anticipation building ahead of PM Modi's arrival, Sudhir highlighted the curiosity among global leaders to glean insights from Modi's perspective on this critical issue.

Sudhir underscored the significance of COP-28, attributing PM Modi's attendance as a testament to the event's magnitude. He lauded India's proactive role in addressing climate change under PM Modi's guidance. Despite challenges stemming from housing a substantial portion of the world's population, India has spearheaded initiatives like the International Solar Energy Alliance. These endeavors have solidified India's position as a frontrunner in combating climate change.

Contrary to speculation, the UAE, as the host of COP-28, dismissed allegations suggesting an agenda to promote fossil fuel usage. Sultan Al Jaber, leading the COP on behalf of the UAE, reiterated the nation's commitment to environmental concerns. Dismissing claims of pushing for agreements favoring fossil fuels, Al Jaber clarified his previous role as CEO of UAE's oil company, Adnoc, emphasizing his resignation from the position.

The stage is set for meaningful discussions and collaborative efforts toward addressing climate change as leaders convene at COP-28, where PM Modi's insights and India's initiatives are poised to play a significant role.

India's Vital Role and Challenges: COP 28 Dubai Summit Starting Today

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