'Was Pandit Nehru Communal '? PM Modi asks questions by citing old statement
'Was Pandit Nehru Communal '? PM Modi asks questions by citing old statement

New Delhi: Speaking on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), PM Narendra Modi questioned in the Lok Sabha whether Pandit Nehru was communal? While blaming Congress, PM Modi has said that no citizen of the country has any danger with this law. Congress is baking political bread in the name of minorities. After hearing the old statements of former PM Jawaharlal Nehru, PM Modi targeted the Congress.

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PM Modi said, "On 5 November 1950, in this Parliament, Nehru said that there is no doubt that the affected people who have come to settle in India, they are citizens of India and if the law is favorable for it. If not, then the law should be amended. In 1950, the Nehru-Liaquat Agreement was signed to provide protection to the minorities living in India and Pakistan. Religious minorities were mentioned in this agreement."

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Questioning the Congress, PM Modi said, "Nehru Ji was such a big thinker, then why did he not include all the citizens there in the agreement, instead of the minorities there? What we are telling today, the same thing was also with Nehru Ji at that time. Was Pandit Nehru Communal? "

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