New education policy will be the basis of new India: PM Modi
New education policy will be the basis of new India: PM Modi

New Delhi: PM Modi is addressing the new education policy of the country today. During this, PM Modi said that this event is very important in the context of National Education Policy. With this conclave, the Education World of India will get detailed information about various aspects of the National Education Policy. The more information is clear, then the easier will be the implementation of this national education policy. After 3-4 years of extensive deliberations, the National Education Policy has been approved after long brainstorming over lakhs of suggestions.

PM Modi said that it is being widely discussed across the country today. People from different fields, people of different ideologies, are giving their views, reviewing the National Education Policy. This is a healthy debate, the higher it is, the more benefit the country's education system will get. It is also a matter of happiness that after the introduction of the National Education Policy, it has not emerged from any region of the country, from any section that it has any kind of Bias, or is leaning towards one side. PM Modi said that the National Education Policy is going to lay the foundation of 21st century India, the new India.

He said that it is natural for some people to come to the question that such a big reform was done on paper, but how it will be put on the ground. That is, all eyes are now towards its implementation. All of you are directly involved with the implementation of the National Education Policy and therefore your role is very important. As far as political will is concerned, I am fully committed, I am fully with you.

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