Do the police say there is an illegal parcel in your name? Do these 5 things immediately, avoid deception
Do the police say there is an illegal parcel in your name? Do these 5 things immediately, avoid deception

Nowadays, new methods of fraud are emerging. One of these methods is fake police call. In these calls, the fraudsters pose as police officers and say that an illegal parcel has arrived in your name. They scare you and threaten that you will be arrested if you do not take immediate action.

What to do in such situation?

  • First of all, don't panic. Police usually do not give such information over phone.
  • Ask the caller which police station they are calling from. Also ask for their name, rank and badge number.
  • Ask them what is in the parcel and where it came from.
  • Tell them that you will personally go to the police station and inquire about the parcel.
  • Never give out your name, address, bank account information or any other personal information.
  • If you have any doubt, immediately call 100 and inform the police.

Here are some other precautions you should take:

  • Do not give your home address and phone number to any unknown person.
  • Do not share your personal information on social media.
  • Do not open links or attachments from unknown people.
  • Immediately inform the police about any kind of fraud or cheating.

Here are some examples of where fraudsters have used fake police calls:

  • A person received a call and was informed that an illegal parcel had arrived in his name. When he opened the parcel there were drugs in it.
  • A woman was informed by phone that money was being withdrawn from her bank account. When he called the bank he discovered it was a fraud.
  • A man received a call informing him that he was involved in a warranty scam. When she called the police it was revealed that it was a fraud.

The most important thing to avoid being scammed is to be vigilant. Do not trust any unknown person or call. If you have any doubt, inform the police immediately.

Here are some other resources that can help you avoid scams:

  • Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Centre: URL Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center
  • National Consumer Helpline: URL National Consumer Helpline
  • Indian Banks Association: URL Indian Banks Association

Always be alert to avoid fraud and do not trust any unknown person or call.

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