Pratha kills Rehaan, Mehek wins against Nashika,14th August, Naagin 6

Mehek remembers Urvashi warning Shesh Naag that Nashika would be dangerous if she came out in today's episode. Pratha, according to Urvashi, is shrewd; if the pillar were to move, Nashika would emerge when the door would be opened from the inside. She warns her not to look directly into Nashika's eyes because doing so will turn her to stone. The memory lane fades. Seeing Nashika makes everyone nervous. Pratha feels compelled to protect the naagins. Pratha is shown Nashika's eyes by Mahek. However, it turns out to be Mahek's dream as Pratha turns to stone. Shesh Naag, in Pratha's opinion, must wed Mehek. Pratha sobs, but Mehek smiles.

Mehek informs Pratha that she must now protect her from harm. Pratha is informed by Shesh Naag that Mehek has abducted Shraddha. Rehan, Ritesh, and Urvashi are pointing a gun at Pratha as she attempts to save Shraddha. Pratha is knocked to the ground by Shraddha, who turns out to be Mehek. Everyone laughs, but Pratha reveals herself to be Shraddha, who says she is there to assist Pratha. When Pratha arrives, he finds Shraddha dead. She considers how Shraddha managed to keep gunpowder on the property. Rehaan is slain by Pratha. Mehek informs Pratha that her daughter is still alive as she grasps Urvashi by the tail. Pratha becomes upset.

Mehek promises to let her know where she is. She is brought to a cave. She hears a baby crying and rushes inside. A trap suddenly falls on her. Zang informs Urvashi and Mehek that the 75th anniversary of India's independence means it is time to destroy the country. Pratha begs Lord Shiva to protect her. As Rishab's grandfather was an army man, Zang demonstrates to her how they will enter Kedarnath and assures her that it will be simple. To the cave comes Rishab. He addresses Pratha by name. Use all of your power, he commands. He advises her to ponder their relationship and daughter. Pratha makes eye contact.

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