Now ration will be brought from farmers' home, CCL approval of crores received
Now ration will be brought from farmers' home, CCL approval of crores received

Chandigarh: In today's time, disease or any disaster becomes a crisis on both human life. One of which is the coronavirus, this is such a disease, which has not been able to break any. Due to the virus, more than 59000 deaths have occurred worldwide, while millions of people have been infected with this virus. It is a bit difficult for scientists to say how long will be able to get rid of this disease. Busy in combating the Corona crisis, this time the Punjab government is preparing to go to the villages to buy wheat to prevent congestion in the mandis during the Rabi procurement season. Preference will be given to those villages which are located at a distance of 1-2 km from Mandis. It is being said that the Chief Minister was reviewing the situation on Friday through video conferencing with the officials of the agriculture and food departments of the state. He asked to find a way to purchase wheat by reaching out to the farmers in the villages. The Chief Minister said that he is ready to accept the Chief Secretary's proposal to buy wheat from houses. If they work extensively in this regard.

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Chief Secretary gave this suggestion: According to the sources, the Chief Secretary suggested that around 50% of the villages in the state are with Mandis and there is a small number of curfew passes for the period fixed for the farmers to go to Mandi. In the villages away from the mandis, he suggested sending the attendants for purchase. He also said that the agents who are currently managing the crops in the mandis, should be entrusted with the task in these villages.

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Purchase arrangements will be reviewed in the Cabinet meeting: The CM has ordered to increase the number of procurement centers as well as the extension of procurement period to ensure that the crowd of farmers do not collect in the mandis. He said that these arrangements will be reviewed again during the cabinet meeting on Saturday.

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