Only the deity of the temple has right over the temple property: SC
Only the deity of the temple has right over the temple property: SC

Bhopal: There is a controversy over the temple property day in and day out. In fact, temple priests and management people always assert their rights over the temple property. However, this will not happen now. In fact, recently the Supreme Court has made it clear that only the temple deity will have ownership rights over the temple property. The priests and the management committee will remain only servants. Not only that, but the Supreme Court has also ordered that the names of priests be removed from the land revenue records.

Let me tell all of you that the Supreme Court has pronounced the verdict in the case of a temple in Madhya Pradesh citing the historic Ayodhya verdict. According to the information received, the court in its judgement has clarified that the deities are the owners of the land associated with the temple. At the same time, in its judgement in the Supreme Court, it has also made it clear that the priests are only for the maintenance of these properties. In fact, in many cases, it has been observed that the priest has claimed ownership of the temple. It is in view of this that this has been clarified. Let me tell you that a bench of Justices Hemant Gupta and AS Bopanna has mentioned several earlier judgements including Ayodhya in the case.

In fact, he said, 'The priest of the temple land is not a tenant, but a protector. The priest is just like a tenant.' At the same time, the court also said, "Whoever is a priest in the temple will enjoy the deities there. It will also take over the task of cultivating the land belonging to the temple.'' The Supreme Court bench also said that "in all records, the priest will be in a position as a servant and not as an owner. The recognition of the deity is lawful as a legal person, so the names of the priests should be removed from the land revenue record. As a landowner, the name of the deity will remain in that proper column.''

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