Narayansamy Opposes this statement of Home Minister on Hindi Diwas
Narayansamy Opposes this statement of Home Minister on Hindi Diwas

Puducherry: Hindi Diwas was celebrated in the country yesterday i.e. on 14 September. On this occasion, a speech by Home Minister Amit Shah created a ruckus in the southern states. Protests started there regarding his statement. Another state has joined this episode. Puducherry CM V Narayanasamy has opposed the Home Minister's statement. Narayanasamy tweeted that the Home Minister should consider the statement given by him. Such statements affect the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu.

I hope and believe that the Home Minister will take care of the feelings of the people of the southern region. It is to be known that on the occasion of Hindi Day on Saturday i.e. Saturday, Home Minister Amit Shah while addressing the country said that it is very important to have a language of the whole country so that India can be recognized in the world.

The Home Minister said that if any language can do the work of tying the country to unity, then it is the most spoken Hindi language. Shaab said that our country consists of different languages, dialects and cultures. When the official language is to be decided, it is natural that there will be differences. But the framers of our constitution observed the overall situation and the entire Constituent Assembly accorded the status of official language to Hindi. He also referred to Mahatma Gandhi's statement about the Hindi language.

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