Punjab police arrested BSP leader Didar Singh with drugs worth 34 crore
Punjab police arrested BSP leader Didar Singh with drugs worth 34 crore

Amritsar: A case of drug trafficking under the guise of politics has come to light in Punjab. Police have arrested Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Didar Singh on charges of drug trafficking. Police had recovered heroin worth Rs 34 crore ordered from Pakistan from the possession of accused Didar Singh. With this, the police had remanded the accused for two days in which important information has come to light.

According to media reports, the accused has given several important inputs in the police interrogation which will be disclosed by the police soon. In fact, police had recovered about 6.5 kg of heroin on the trail of Didar Singh. The heroin was recovered from a plastic sack kept in a field across fencing near Tauki, an island of BSF on the border. Didar Singh had munged the heroin through Pakistani smugglers. Didar Singh is said to be closely associated with Pakistan's drug smugglers.

According to police sources, BSP leader Didar Singh has made several shocking revelations during interrogation. This will make it easier for the police to break the syndicate for those involved in the drug trade. Senior police officials are also interrogating Didar thoroughly.

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