Rahul Gandhi: Constitution is being attacked by BJP

May 17 2018 12:24 PM
Rahul Gandhi: Constitution is being attacked by BJP

Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed public meetings in Raipur in the Jan Swaraj Sammelan and said that constitution is being attacked by BJP following the swear- in ceremony of BS yeddurappa.  

He said that today constitution is being attacked and in Karnataka on one side there are MLAs standing and on the other side the Governor. Rahul Gandhi also asserted that JDS has said its MLAs have been offered Rs 100 crore each.

In a fresh attack at RSS,  Rahul Gandhi said that RSS is making way into all institutions in the country. Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Chhattisgarh's Raipur took a dig over BJP and said “The BJP claims that women are not in the position to stand as equals alongside men. The only job of women, is to cook at home. The only job of Dalits, is to clean & sweep and not dream of a better future.”

He added, “Our duty is to enhance the Panchayati Raj to protect and restore their rights that the BJP is trying to snatch away”.

Criticizing Supreme Court decision Gandhi Scion said “For the first time in history, we witnessed 4 Judges of the SC, come out to the general public asking them for support”.

 Following his visit to Raman Singh –led Chhattisgarh he will also hold rallies in Surguja, and Bilaspur on today.

‏He alleged that the BJP is creating an atmosphere of fear. They don't want Dalits, backward classes and women to fulfill their dreams.

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