Rahul Gandhi May Address Media Today at 3 pm in Delhi
Rahul Gandhi May Address Media Today at 3 pm in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Congress Member of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi, is set to conduct a press briefing this afternoon, following his recent forceful critique of the government's handling of the Manipur situation during the no-confidence motion debate in the Lok Sabha. Reinstated as an MP after the Supreme Court suspended his conviction in a criminal defamation case, Rahul Gandhi's media address is slated for 3 pm at the All India Congress Committee office in Delhi.

On Wednesday, Congress leader Gandhi took aim at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha as the no-confidence motion was discussed. Venting his criticism towards the BJP's handling of the Manipur situation, Gandhi accused the party of "betraying India in Manipur" and labeled its members as "traitors rather than patriots."

Recalling his visit to Manipur and interactions with violence-stricken individuals in the state, the Congress leader emphasized that 'Bharat' represents the collective voice of the nation's people, a voice he claimed had been silenced in Manipur. Responding to these remarks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the turmoil-ridden Manipur as a "segment of the heart" on Thursday. He pledged vigorous efforts to reinstate peace in the northeastern state, paving the way for its progression.

During his response to the no-confidence motion debate, Modi asserted, "The north-east is a cherished part of us. The challenges facing Manipur are depicted as if they emerged recently." He assured the people of Manipur, grappling with strife, that tranquility would soon be reinstated, as the government was committed to ensuring justice for the culprits. It's worth noting that the Congress, including Rahul Gandhi, chose to stage a walkout before the Prime Minister addressed the Manipur issue. Responding to the Congress's actions, the Prime Minister criticized their readiness to make allegations without demonstrating the patience to hear his rebuttal.

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