'Rahul Gandhi partying in Nepal's night club..'

New Delhi: BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya has shared a video accusing former Congress President Rahul Gandhi of partying in a nightclub. On this, the Congress has now answered the question of the BJP, what is wrong in this? When asked about the viral video, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that Rahul Gandhi had reached a friend's wedding in Kathmandu. Along with this, he advised BJP to focus on essential issues including power supply.

Surjewala further said that, 'Rahul Gandhi has reached Kathmandu to attend a friend's wedding. He is there on a personal tour. After all, why are the people of BJP not answering on issues like energy crisis, inflation. He has full time to talk only about Rahul Gandhi. Taking a jibe at the BJP, Surjewala said, "Last time I checked, having a family, attending weddings and engagement events has been a part of our culture and civilization in this country. It is probably not a crime to get married even now in the country. Being a friend of someone and going to his wedding is still not a crime.

At the same time, Congress MP Manickam Tagore has said that BJP has been doing the work of spreading lies from the beginning. He said that if Rahul Gandhi attends a wedding reception program like a common citizen, then what is wrong in it.

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