Angry grandfather threw 3 grandchildren in the fire if the son's candidate won the election
Angry grandfather threw 3 grandchildren in the fire if the son's candidate won the election

Dholpur: Angry at the burning anger of his three grandchildren and granddaughter near a burning stove near a tantrum between a father and son over voting in the Panchayat elections held late Saturday evening in Garhi Lajja of Dholpur district of Rajasthan. Thrown into the fire. Due to this, all three innocent children got badly burnt. The family of the three took Sapau to CHC for treatment, where they were given first aid and referred to Dholpur District Hospital in critical condition. At the time of the dispute between father and son, the three innocent people were sitting near the burning stove and eating food.

The sarpanch of the gram panchayat was elected here a few days ago. In this election, father Bhogiram Kushwaha and son Shiv Singh voted in favor of different candidates. Since the result of the election, there used to be a dispute between father and son. Father Bhogiram came home after drinking alcohol on Saturday evening. At home, he started arguing with his son Shiv Singh over voting. Not only this, Bhogiram also beat up Shiv Singh. During this time, the stove was burning nearby, near which Shiv Singh's three children, 9-year-old daughter Rakhi and two sons Ajay and Vijay were eating food. Due to the controversy, Bhegiram was so angry that he threw the three innocent children eating food near the stove in the fire. Before falling into the burning stove, the three children were severely scorched before Shiv Singh and other families could understand anything.

The fire broke out in the house due to scorching children in the stove fire. Hearing the screams of children and family members injured by scorching, the villagers living nearby also reached the spot. The family's three scorched children were taken from the village to Sampau CHC for treatment, where their treatment was started. Later, when the doctor, who was treating the children, saw the condition of all three, he was referred to the district hospital. Treatment of children is currently underway.

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