Former Cong minister's missing daughter found in Wasim Akram's room and then...
Former Cong minister's missing daughter found in Wasim Akram's room and then...

Jaipur: Abhilasha Kesawat, daughter of former Rajasthan minister and senior Congress leader Gopal Kesawat, has been rescued from Ahmedabad and produced before a Jaipur court. Here, 21-year-old Abhilasha recorded her statement in court, as it was a case of her kidnapping. While recording her statement in the court, Abhilasha flatly refused to go with her father i.e. Congress leader Gopal Kesawat. Abhilasha said that she is an adult and will study alone in Delhi.

According to the report, the daughter of the former minister, who suddenly went missing from Jaipur on the evening of November 20, was recovered by the Jaipur police from Gujarat. She was recovered from a room near a salon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. There Abhilasha was living with a 24-year-old friend Wasim Akram. Police have informed that after the sudden disappearance of the daughter, senior Congress leader Gopal Kesawat had lodged a case of kidnapping at Pratap Nagar police station. After this, the police team was tracing Abhilasha on technical grounds. Meanwhile, the police came to know that Abhilasha was staying somewhere in Ahmedabad.

When the police team reached Ahmedabad, Abhilasha was staying in a room with her friend Wasim Akram in Bopal. Jaipur police brought Abhilasha and her friend Wasim Akram to Jaipur. Since there was a kidnapping case, the two were produced in court on Friday after being recovered. Abhilasha told the court that she was an adult and had deliberately come to Ahmedabad to meet her friend.

In court, Abhilasha said she lied to her father (Congress leader) that the boys were stalking her. Whereas, she left home to meet her friend (Wasim Akram). Abhilasha's friend Wasim Akram is a resident of Rajmahal near Tonk in Rajasthan. Four years ago, both of them came in contact while studying in Jaipur and became friends. After finishing her studies in Jaipur, Abhilasha went to Gargi College Delhi for her studies. At the same time, Wasim left his studies and started working in a salon in Ahmedabad. Abhilasha told the court that she herself fabricated a false kidnapping story to meet Wasim. Then she parked her scooty at NRI Circle in Jaipur and left for Ahmedabad by bus. After this, she went to the same salon room with Wasim Akram and started living. Police have released Wasim Akram after Abhilasha's statement.  

Let me tell you, Abhilasha is doing BA Honors at Gargi College in Delhi. Along with this, Abhilasha is also the treasurer of the college's students' union. Abhilasha told the court that she does not want to go with her father (Congress leader Gopal Kesawat). She wants to study on her own and also live life ahead according to her wishes. After Abhilasha's statement, the court ordered the police to act as per Abhilasha's wishes. Former Congress minister Gopal Kesawat had sat on a protest since his daughter went missing on the evening of November 20.

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