Red light burning in the side mirror of the car, so be careful from now on
Red light burning in the side mirror of the car, so be careful from now on

You are driving a car and suddenly a red light starts flashing in your side mirror. Do you know what it means? Is this an alarm bell? This red light is part of the "Blind Spot Monitoring System" (BSM). BSM is an advanced safety feature that warns you about vehicles that are outside your field of vision.

How does BSM work?

BSM consists of radar or camera sensors that are placed around your car. When a vehicle comes into your blind spot, sensors detect it and warn you by flashing a red light in the side mirror. In some cars, you may also hear an audible warning.

Advantages of BSM:

  • BSMs help you stay safe when changing lanes or turning.
  • BSMs reduce the likelihood of accidents, especially those caused by blind spots.
  • BSMs are useful for all drivers, but they are especially useful for beginning drivers, the elderly, and those who have visual problems.

How to use BSM:

  • To turn on BSM, you have to press a button located on the dashboard of your car.
  • When BSM is on, a red light in the side mirror will illuminate when a vehicle approaches your blind spot.
  • Before changing lanes or turning, always check your side mirror and rear-view mirror.
  • BSM is an assistive device, but it does not replace driver alertness.

Some important points about BSM:

  • BSM is not available in all cars.
  • BSM does not work in all circumstances. For example, it may not work in heavy rain or snowfall.
  • BSM requires regular inspection and maintenance.

BSM is a useful safety feature that can help keep you and those around you safe. When using BSM, always be alert and check your mirrors before changing lanes or turning.

Additional Information:

  • For more information about BSM, refer to your car's owner's manual.
  • You can also check your car manufacturer's website for information about BSM.

Also keep in mind:

  • In addition to BSM, there are many other security features available that can help you stay safe.
  • Always keep your car in good condition and get it serviced regularly.
  • Always be alert on the road and practice safe driving.
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