Red lying with the Ranger of the Forest Department, so many bundles of notes were found that even the officials were surprised

Ranchi: In the Manoharpur block of West Singhbhum, Jharkhand, on Thursday, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) took action and caught the Ranger red-handed while entering. ACB searched the Ranger's government office and seized more than Rs 99 lakh in cash. ACB has arrested both of them.

According to the news received, the ACB had received a complaint about the demand for bribe by the Ranger. Thereafter, the team caught the forest area officer (ranger) Vijay Kumar and his computer operator Manish Poddar red handed from Koyna field, Podahat, Anandpur and Songra Chakradharpur in Manoharpur. Ganesh Pramanik of Manoharpur had complained to the ACB about demanding a bribe of two and a half thousand rupees in exchange for taking the old bed to Jamshedpur.

Thereafter, the Ranger and his computer operator were caught red-handed while taking a bribe, following an action led by ACB's DSP S Tirkey. Then the team went to the Ranger's official residence and searched, then Rs 99 lakh 2 thousand 540 cash was confiscated from there. The ACB has arrested the Ranger and the Ranger's computer operator and taken them to Jamshedpur. There both will be sent to jail in judicial custody.

'25 thousand is needed only, don't take tension, CCTV is only for intimidation', BDO took bribe by saying "

Terror of miscreants in Bihar! Openly took 2 crores from the shop in 2 minutes"

3 boys entered the house, took the girl hostage and gang-raped her

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