Remembering Lance Naik Albert Ekka–A Tribute on His 52nd Death Anniversary
Remembering Lance Naik Albert Ekka–A Tribute on His 52nd Death Anniversary

As we observe the 52nd death anniversary of Lance Naik Albert Ekka on this solemn day of December 3rd, we pay homage to the valiant son of India whose unwavering courage and sacrifice illuminated the pages of our nation's history. Albert Ekka, a name etched in bravery, hailed from the heartland of Jharkhand, exemplifying the spirit of selflessness and dedication towards the motherland.

The annals of India's rich heritage resonate with tales of countless individuals who, in their youth, pledged their lives in service to the country. Among these revered figures stands Lance Naik Albert Ekka, a gallant warrior whose heroic deeds during the 1971 Indo-Pak war continue to inspire generations.

The 1971 conflict, a defining moment in India's history, witnessed the Indian Army triumph over the treacherous terrains, showcasing unparalleled valor and strategic brilliance. It was in this crucible of courage that Albert Ekka, born on December 27, 1942, emerged as a symbol of indomitable spirit and resilience.

Albert Ekka belonged to the esteemed Oraon tribal community, drawing strength from their age-old traditions of bravery and resilience. His upbringing amidst the verdant lands of Jharkhand instilled in him skills of tracking and hunting, honing his abilities from his tribal brethren. Joining the Indian Army's Bihar Regiment in 1962, Ekka's journey toward greatness began, guided by his unwavering determination and commitment.

Transferring to the 14th Battalion of the Brigade of the Guards, Ekka showcased exceptional prowess in various domains, proving his mettle in activities ranging from jungle adventures to sporting events like hockey. Rising through the ranks to become a Lance Naik, his dedication and proficiency were unparalleled.

Colonel Sajjad Zahir, a decorated veteran from Bangladesh who fought alongside Ekka during the liberation war, eloquently describes Ekka's persona as a man of unparalleled courage and devotion. Ekka took immense pride in his roots, often speaking fondly of his Oraon lineage—a community renowned for its valorous contributions to history's battlefields against oppression and tyranny.

Ekka's sense of duty and unflinching courage served as a guiding light for his fellow soldiers, embodying the very essence of sacrifice and patriotism. His legacy remains a testament to the unyielding spirit of our armed forces and a source of inspiration for the generations that follow.

On this day of remembrance, let us bow our heads in gratitude and reverence for Lance Naik Albert Ekka, a true embodiment of bravery, whose sacrifice for the nation shall forever be etched in the collective memory of India.

As we honor his memory, let us pledge to uphold the ideals he stood for and strive towards a nation where valor, sacrifice, and unity reign supreme.

Lance Naik Albert Ekka - You shall forever live on in our hearts, an immortal symbol of courage and selflessness.

Rest in peace, brave soul.

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