RJD announces these leaders as Rajya Sabha candidates
RJD announces these leaders as Rajya Sabha candidates

RJD has announced the names of its two Rajya Sabha candidates from Bihar. Bihar RJD President Jagdanand Singh said on Thursday that Prem Chand Gupta and Amarendra Dhari Singh will be RJD candidates from Bihar. This announcement has shocked the Congress because RJD promised to give it a Rajya Sabha seat under its quota. However, she has now retracted from it.

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Jagadanand Singh told in the press conference that Gupta will be the Rajya Sabha candidate of RJD. He is considered close to Lalu Yadav's family. He was a minister during the first term of Manmohan Singh's government. He has been elected Rajya Sabha MP of RJD from Bihar and once from Jharkhand with the help of Congress.

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Before the second party, the RJD has declared Amarendra as its Rajya Sabha candidate. Not many people know about them. He is not associated with RJD and is a Delhi businessman. He hails from the Dulhein Bazar area of Patna. According to information, he is big in the real estate and chemical sector. He comes from Bhumihar caste and is considered very close to former Bihar DGP Abhayanand.

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