RT-PCR also failed, infection is being detected after CT scan
RT-PCR also failed, infection is being detected after CT scan

Corona infection is an epidemic with mysterious symptoms right from the beginning. With time, many of its variants came, but now the variants that are coming out of it are out of hold. Even after the RT-PCR probe is negative, the lung infection is also being reported. Therefore, CT scan is now being considered necessary. In such a situation, what investigation should be done now and what is the initial remedy in fighting the disease, should some preventive measures be taken which will be effective in fighting the infection. This is what is happening here.

According to research, up to 20 percent of the RT-PCR test results are proving to be wrong. That is, the test result of one person out of every 5 is not correct. Such patients are being found in many states. In which there are symptoms of corona, but the test is coming negative again and again. This is the outbreak of the second wave of corona, the question is why the virus is not coming in the test?

There are many reasons for this in response: -
1. If the virus is not present in the nose or throat, the result will not be correct.
2. Even if there was no viral load i.e. the number of viruses, the result would not be correct.

New variants of the corona have been received in 18 territories. These are variants with Brazil, UK, South Africa. The new variant is not catching up in the RT-PCR probe. Continuous changes in RNA proteins are causing problems. Its infection is known only by a chest infection. RT-PCR is not able to detect -HV69, HV70. The new variants of the virus have been found to be more contagious and that is the reason why they are not coming under the test. Why are the tests failing? One reason for this is that the virus they were designed to detect has changed its form and behavior a lot over the years.

Infections detected by CT scan: -
Corona examination negative but after the infection of chest infection, CT scan revealed an infection in the lungs. RT-PCR was found to be negative after 10–20 to 30% of infections in the lungs. The transition of the second wave is more rapid than the first wave. In the first 10, 1 patient had a lung infection. Now 5-6 patients in 10 are getting lung infections.

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