Saveera Parkash: Hindu Woman Makes History in Pakistan's General Elections Bid"
Saveera Parkash: Hindu Woman Makes History in Pakistan's General Elections Bid

Meet Saveera Parkash, the trailblazing Hindu woman vying for a seat in the Pakistan general elections. This marks a historic first for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Buner district as Saveera prepares to contest the upcoming polls scheduled for February 8, 2024, to elect members of the 16th National Assembly.

Saveera Parkash recently made headlines by officially filing her nomination papers for the general seat of PK-25 in Buner district. This significant move comes after the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) amended its regulations, mandating at least five percent female candidates for general seats.

So, who exactly is Saveera Parkash? A graduate of Abbottabad International Medical College in 2022, she currently holds the position of general secretary in the PPP women's wing in Buner, as reported by Pakistani media. Her passion for community service follows a family legacy initiated by her father, Oam Parkash, a retired physician and long-time PPP member.

If successful, Saveera could make history as the first woman from Buner to contest in Pakistan's general elections. In a recent press briefing, she expressed her desire to continue her father's legacy, focusing on uplifting the underprivileged in the region. Saveera formally submitted her nomination papers on December 23, optimistic about receiving the endorsement of PPP's senior leadership.

Coming from a medical background, Saveera stressed her unwavering commitment to "serving humanity," citing firsthand experiences of witnessing inadequate management and helplessness in government hospitals during her medical career. Her aspirations extend to championing women's causes, ensuring their safety, and advocating for their rights, aiming to rectify the historical neglect and suppression faced by women in the development sector if elected.

Support for Saveera's candidacy transcends political boundaries. Imran Noshad Khan, a prominent social media influencer from Buner, wholeheartedly endorsed Saveera Parkash, applauding her for challenging traditional patriarchal stereotypes. He underscored the significance of a woman stepping forward to contest elections, especially in a region like Buner, where it took 55 years since its merger with Pakistan for such a milestone to occur.

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