After watching 'crime show,' 10-year-old boy hatched such a conspiracy, police also stunned
After watching 'crime show,' 10-year-old boy hatched such a conspiracy, police also stunned

Chandrapur: A 10-year-old boy shocked everyone in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, which surprised even the police. The child bunked from the school and made up a false story of his own abduction so that he did not get scolded by his mother at home. During interrogation, the child told the police that the idea came to mind after watching the crime show on television.

Due to interrogation, the child said that he was molested by a car driver. He somehow escaped and reached his home and informed his parents about it. Listening to the child, the ground slipped under the feet of the parents. He immediately reported it to the police. The police started working on the car number mentioned by the child and the driver's look. CCTV footage of the city was scanned but no clue was found. When the child was asked again, the correct story came out.

Police came to know about the investigation that the child had to bunk from the school. He will get Scolded at home so he made a false story. The child used to watch crime shows on television. So the idea of this story came into his mind. Giving more details on the incident, police officer Mahesh Kondawar said that the child's parents told them that their child was going to school in the morning when two men got down from a white car and picked him up. On the way, as soon as the car slowed down, he jumped and ran home. The police relied on the child's words and checked the CCTV in the city. They didn't see the white car or the people. At this, the police again suspected that the child was telling a false story. Later, the whole incident came out.

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