Seventeen welcomes you to their world with "WORLD"
Seventeen welcomes you to their world with

The very loved Korean pop group has returned with another music video gracing us all with their swift moves and melodious voices. The thirteen handsome boys are all set to welcome you into a world of their own, so nothing awaits but for you to tighten your seatbelts and come in for the ride. Forget your Monday blues and enjoy the jolly music video ‘_WORLD”. 

With their fourth repackaged album, Seventeen has made a most awaited comeback with their album ‘SECTOR 17’, a vibrant and catchy beat which makes you want to get on the dance floor. 

In all their young and love-filled glory, the boys of group SEVENTEEN are wide-armed, hopping about, listing all the perfect reasons to call you upon their holiday-spirited track. It aligns exceptionally well with the theme of their fourth studio album ‘Face the Sun, which was released earlier this year.

The single will take you back to the Aju (Very) Nice era, the song that has set its foot strongly as a representative number for the group in more ways than one, including their cute expressions and cool dance steps. ‘_WORLD’ is easy on the ears and on the eyes, giving the perfect boyfriend material vibes to the viewers, which is exactly what the group is known for.

Interestingly, it is SEVENTEEN’s second comeback this year and has only excited CARATs for all that is to come in the following months.

The boys are set to take their talents worldwide once again as they embark on their third world tour ‘BE THE SUN’ that officially kicked off in June with its first spot, Seoul.

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