Shadow on the internet 'UP mein ka ba...' Part 2 of It, Singer asks questions to tainted leaders
Shadow on the internet 'UP mein ka ba...' Part 2 of It, Singer asks questions to tainted leaders

Patna: After Bhojpuri actor and Lok Sabha MP Ravi Kishan's song 'UP Mein Sab Baa', Bihar folk singer Neha Singh Rathore's 'UP Mein Ka Ba..' has also created a stir. Neha has now also come up with Part-2 of this song, which she has presented on Tuesday. Earlier, Neha had done ka baa in UP. By singing Part-1, there was a stir on social media. Due to this song, Neha is also being trolled fiercely. They are also getting threats. This was told by Neha Singh Rathore herself by coming live.

Neha became more aggressive in Part-2:-
Neha, often heard for her witty and sarcastic style, is in UP. Part 2 appears to be even more aggressive. After the first part, people were questioning him as to why yoga is asking questions only to the Government. Neha answers this in Part-2. She sings- 'bhot dehab tohake ta savaal poochhab kese, saach batiya kaahee la ta marcha kaale lese...yoopee me ka ba...'

Part-2 mentions farmers and tainted leaders:-
Neha has mentioned the issue of annadatas and tainted leaders in Part-2. He has also questioned whether this is the Ram Rajya. She sings- 'khetee ke poonjee jar gailen, ganna sab sandhavaan char gailen, bhar sivaane hul-hul bheesa lakhe daant ba.. yoopee mein ka ba...kul ke deepak har dal mein hai aisan kaaraamat ba...neta nagaree ke asalee chittha abakee khulat jaat ba... rep apaharan neta jee ke jaahir mijaaj ba... ka ho bhaiya, ka ho bahanee i he raamaraaj ba... hotal se khaana mangava ke ghurahoo ghare khaale, ghurahoo ke paseena mahakat rahe kahe mein na jala le.... UP mein ka ba.. '


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