VIDEO: Bike rider goes out to cross closed gate, saved from dying on railway track

You all must have often seen many such videos that are shocking. In such a situation, the video that has recently come out is heartbreaking. Actually, this video is going to keep life at risk. This video is of the railway gate which when closed, many people leave. Yes, this happens to many people walking on the street who do not listen to anyone and try to get out by risking their lives even when the gate is closed. At the same time, sometimes haste also becomes fatal for many people.


A post shared by Babu Tambekar (@babutambekar4)

At the moment, a similar video is also going viral on social media, in which the scene of the train accident is seen, it is heartbreaking. In fact, in this video, a bike rider tries to cross the track despite the railway gate being closed but becomes a victim of an accident. However, the truth is that his life is saved. Yes, otherwise, after hitting the train, it would have been broken into many pieces. In this video, you can see how the man comes to the middle of the railway track for a bike, then a high-speed train comes. During this time, it is good that the man leaves his bike on the trek and goes some distance away, which saves his life.

However, during this time, the wheels of his bike fly away and this is the reason why people are forbidden to cross the closed railway gate so that accidents due to trains can be prevented. The video is fast going viral. After this video came out, people's voices trembled. This video has been shared on Instagram with an ID named babutambekar4, and people watching it are blowing their senses.

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