Spider-Verse 2 is set to break animation film records in India.
Spider-Verse 2 is set to break animation film records in India.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will hit Indian theaters tomorrow for a four-day extended launch weekend. Animated films have never been a big hit in India, with only two generating more than Rs. 50 crores and a few others grossing more than Rs. 20 crores. That was also true for the first installment of this multiversal franchise, 'Into the Spider-Verse,' which generated only Rs. 11.90 crores (Rs. 9.15 crores Nett) in 2018, despite benefiting from Spider-Man and Marvel's strong brand associations.

That picture, on the other hand, was well received and acquired significant recognition long after its theatrical run. With the Marvel brand's spectacular rise since then, expectations are that the sequel will exceed the normal restrictions of animated films. Spider-Verse 2 is anticipated to break the record for animated films in India, which is now held by Incredibles 2 and Frozen 2, with roughly equal weekend collections of Rs. 23 crores and lifetime earnings of Rs. 53 crores.

As of Wednesday morning, Spider-Verse 2 has sold approximately 24,000 tickets at national chain theaters for its Thursday release date. This compares favorably to 38,000 for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 at the same period before release. The current pre-sales statistics indicate that Spider-Verse 2 will have an opening day of roughly Rs. 6-7 crores (Rs. 4.75-5.50 crores Nett). Animated films are usually a weekend affair in India, with major successes on Saturday and Sunday, however there may be some early with this film because the start will be larger than with a standard animation film. The early reviews from the West are really positive, which normally bodes well for Hollywood pictures in India, thus the film should be expected to perform well over the weekend. The four-day weekend is expected to earn more than Rs. 30 crores (Rs. 23 crores Nett) with the mentioned opening day.

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