Delhi: Children urged PM Modi due to increasing pollution, said 'Give us pure air ...'
Delhi: Children urged PM Modi due to increasing pollution, said 'Give us pure air ...'

Day by day increasing pollution has taken its terrible form, now due to increasing pollution everywhere in the capital, the schools remained closed on Thursday. During this time, the students stayed in the houses and could not go out and celebrate Children's Day. Many students have written to PM Narendra Modi on the issue of pollution, requesting him to take effective steps towards cleaning the air. According to experts, student Ishant Mahant, who wrote a letter to the PM, wrote that he loves playing football but now he is not able to go out of the house due to pollution and now he is entertaining himself by watching football matches on TV. Where another student has written in his letter that at the moment, the governments of the central and affected states need to take tough steps for pollution. We believe that the PM must take a big decision on this issue. Satyarthi raised the issue of pollution by writing a letter to PM. According to the information, Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi has expressed deep concern over pollution and has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested to amend the Air Act-1981 and prepare a five-year action plan.

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Worried over the dangerous level of pollution in the capital, Satyarthi has urged the Prime Minister to take initiative in this direction to provide clean air to the people. On the occasion of Children's Day, the condition of pollution is worsening the program organized at the India Gate for children on behalf of 'Bachpan Bachao Andolan'. In a letter sent to the PM, Satyarthi wrote, "I stand with everyone, has appealed to the PM of the country to change the Air Act 1981 and implement a National Action Plan for 5 years to implement it so that the people of the country can get clean air." Satyarthi appealed that we should also take initiative for the cleanliness of air with clean intention.

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Under this, continuous cooperation is necessary to maintain air, water and land cleanly from all citizens including policymakers, businesses, customers. According to the information received, he said that it is necessary that a new policy should be prepared so that by adopting all the methods of curbing pollution, we can win the fight against pollution, in this initiative, including politicians, government, entrepreneurs, social institutions Appealing for cooperation from all sections, there is a concern about the contamination of water and land, including tightening the screws on air pollution. Where he said that after fixing the policy for this, it will have to be strictly implemented in due time and follow it fully. He said that for a better future, we have to prepare for sacrifice along with cooperation.

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