The Supreme Court made an important comment on the death sentence, said this

New Delhi: Human rights groups in the country often raise questions on the death penalty. They demand that at present there is no justification for such punishment. The Supreme Court has made an important comment on this. The apex court has said in one of its decisions that on the basis of circumstantial evidence, even death sentence can be given, but for this the evidence should be correct. A three-member bench headed by Justice NV Ramanna made the remarks, committing this changed the death sentence of a Man who killed wife and four children to life imprisonment.

The apex court has taken this decision while disposing of the review petition. The bench has made it clear that the convict will remain behind bars, he will not be entitled to any pardon. The Supreme Court has held that the sentencing of death sentence in cases based on circumstantial evidence is not dangerous, as long as the basis of the circumstantial evidence is based on concrete evidence. At the same time, the Supreme Court said that even though the crime is heinous and has been carried out under a well thought out strategy, before hearing the death sentence, the court has to show the socio-economic background of the convict, age, emotionally of the person at the time of the crime.,Things etc. should be considered.

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