Sushil dhami king of internet, Social media and computer

Born on July 13 1999 and grew up in a lower middle-class family, Sushil Dhami always experienced a sense of fear, uncertainty, poverty, inferiority as well as the life of deprivation. His parents sacrificed everything they could to make sure Sushil and his younger brother receive good education. From an early young age, Sushil always dreamt to earn plenty of money, so he could help his family to overcome the poverty rooted in his family.

Sushil Dhami recalls his daddy brought him a brand-new computer when he was in seventh grade. In reality, it was hard for his father to pay such a big amount of money to buy a computer. However, Sushil decided to make the best use of computers by starting to learn new skills like photoshop, video editing, programming, coding and others. Such skills are not considered seriously as part of the formal education in Nepal.

Sushil Dhami coded his first website when he was in grade eight. He always wanted to start something young. He realized formal education is not something which helps him to realize his dream. Therefore he prioritized self education over formal education.  Sushil made entrepreneurship the main goal of his life. Focusing on entrepreneurship and building self skills was the real hope for him. Therefore, he chose social media to start with.

In the field of social media management and marketing, in a few years, Sushil has travelled a long way. He co-owns social media agency Biwi Media. His company manages social media accounts, mainly Instagram, of western celebrities, millionaires, and business tycoons. He manages a personally owned Instagram page Billionaire_sayee which has 350 k plus followers. Sushil has built the network of 30 million followers pages on Instagram. His net monthly income exceeds 10,000 USD per month. He has also started a new sticker company decals nation.

Sushil sees a huge opportunity in the social media sector. He believes everyone can thrive using social media platforms but youngsters should not stop learning and improving their skills every day.

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