Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma gets gun licence,Citing life threats
Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma gets gun licence,Citing life threats

NEW DELHI: Nupur Sharma, a suspended BJP spokesman whose divisive remarks during a TV debate sparked demonstrations and rioting last year, reportedly has a gun licence, said sources in Delhi Police on Thursday.
The source further said that she has been given the licence to carry a firearm for her protection.

Her divisive remarks on the Prophet Mohammed during a TV debate last year had sparked violence and backlash. Later, the BJP removed her from her position as spokesman for the party.

Sharma recently filed a petition with the Delhi Police licencing section, claiming that her life was in danger and that she needed to carry a gun at all times for self-defense. After hearing perspectives and seeing the seriousness of the situation, the police unit accepted her plea.

For hurting religious feelings, Sharma was the target of numerous FIRs, and protests also broke out across the nation. The ambassadors in press releases by the embassies said that the views were those of "fringe element".

The Delhi Police also given security cover to Sharma, family members after she complained of harassment and death threats in the wake of her controversial statement on Islam.

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