Tamil Nadu CM Stalin launches Child Policy for the State
Tamil Nadu CM Stalin launches Child Policy for the State

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin introduced the Tamil Nadu State Child Policy on Saturday in order to provide a safe environment for children as well as nutrition, education, and healthcare. The policy, according to the government, has been established with the needs of children in mind, including their growth targets at various stages, nutrition, education, healthcare, safety, and non-discrimination based on gender.

The government announced that Rs 207.59 crore in solatium has been paid to 6,493 children who have lost both or one of their parents to Covid-19. Stalin also unveiled the Forensic DNA Profile Search Tool, which would aid in the reunification of missing children with their parents, the identification of inter-state criminals, and the identification of bodies, among other things.


Tamil Nadu State Child Policy Features: the Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Child Rights has prepared the Tamil Nadu State Policy for Children Policy,  setting out the strategies for implementation of the Policy for the holistic development of all children in the State in an inclusive manner leaving no one behind. The State of Tamil Nadu will ensure that every child is protected from all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation and discrimination. They shall have to access quality healthcare, education and nutritious food. To create a conducive environment for their overall development in all dimensions of life cycle and to create access for their voice to be heard.

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