Tanvi Sukharam Talks About Her Journey As A Fashion Influencer And She Tackles With Hatred On The Internet

Success is not an instant achievement. It takes a lot of time, patience and courage to turn dreams into reality. Like every teenager, even Tanvi Sukharam was confused about her career choice. After a lot of research and having good looks in her genes, she decided to become a fashion blogger. However, a wardrobe full of fashion trends was not enough. Her goal was to make a reputation of her own and also earn good money with it. In 2016, she started her journey as a fashion influencer in Surat where many people were not aware of what an influencer is. Well, things were little tough at the initial stage as she struggled to find brand collaborations as well as photographers to shoot her. With time, her hard work paid off as she came into the limelight. 

Originality is what she majorly focuses while creating content. Rather than creating the mainstream content, Tanvi’s posts go well along with her personality which has garnered everyone’s attention. Her work has given her immense popularity and today people recognize her wherever she goes. With this, the influencer spoke about the hatred and criticism she has faced on the internet. “Being in a business where my audience is my clientele, I need to cater to their liking. Changing my feed every few weeks, working on my content, bringing in new and interesting concepts are some of the major aspects I focus on. Accepting criticism is the key. Take what will help your growth and block the hate”, said Tanvi.

Besides this, she had the golden opportunity last year to share space with some of the most empowering women of Mumbai. With more than 60K followers on Instagram, Tanvi is gradually reaching the top of her game. Speaking about her journey, she said, “I still feel like I'm just getting started. The hunger to do something more, beyond my vision is my dream. As a dynamic human, my idea of 'success' never fits into the box.” Today Tanvi Sukharam is at that stage of her career where every opportunity is bigger than the previous one and there’s surely no stopping for this versatile influencer now.

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