Tech Giant IBM to set afloat new Brain Chip for AI
Tech Giant IBM to set afloat new Brain Chip for AI

New Delhi:- IBM has made a special computer chip that works like a brain and can make artificial intelligence (AI) use less energy. People are worried about the pollution caused by warehouses that have a lot of computers running AI systems.

IBM said their prototype could result in AI chips for smartphones that are more efficient and use up less battery. It works well because its parts function like the connections in human brains. Scientist Thanos Vasilopoulos from IBM's research lab in Switzerland said that the human brain can do amazing things without using a lot of power, unlike traditional computers.

He said that the better energy efficiency would allow big and complicated tasks to be done in low power places, like cars, mobile phones, and cameras.

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Furthermore, the use of these chips by cloud providers will help them save energy and reduce their impact on the environment. 'Digital to analogue' means converting a digital signal or information into an analogue format.

Many chips save information as 0s and 1s, but the new chip uses memristors that store a wider range of numbers. You can compare digital and analogue to a regular light switch and a dimmer switch.

The human brain is like an analog machine, and memristors work in a similar way to synapses in the brain. Prof Ferrante Neri, who is from the University of Surrey, says that memristors belong to a type of computing that is inspired by nature and imitates how the brain works.

A memristor is like a synapse in a living thing because it can store its electric past. "He said that a network of connected memristors can resemble a brain. "

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He was hopeful but careful about the future of chips using this technology. The progress indicates that we might soon see the development of chips similar to the brain.

But he said making a memristor computer is not easy, and there will be problems to solve before it can be widely used. Some of these challenges include the high costs of materials and difficulties in manufacturing.

Adding these parts helps the new chip save more power, but the new chip also has digital parts. This helps in making the chip more convenient to add to current AI systems.

Lots of phones today have special chips inside them that help make photos look better. For instance, the iPhone has a special chip called a "neural engine".

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IBM wants to make chips in phones and cars better so that they use less battery and can do more things.

In simpler words, IBM's prototype chips could eventually save a lot of energy by replacing the current chips in computer banks that run powerful AI systems.

They could also reduce the amount of water needed to cool the data centers that require a lot of power. Data centers require a lot of electricity to continue operating. A big data center uses the same amount of electricity as a town that is not too big.

James Davenport, a professor of IT at the University of Bath, said that IBM's discovery was "possibly interesting". However, he cautioned that the chip was not a straightforward solution to the problem, but rather a potential initial step.

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IBM has created a new type of computer chip that will improve the performance of AI models. It will also give them memory similar to what humans have.

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