Telangana Assembly Elections: K Kavitha, BRS Leader, Pledges Service to Telangana Regardless of Power
Telangana Assembly Elections: K Kavitha, BRS Leader, Pledges Service to Telangana Regardless of Power

Hyderabad: Following the apparent lead of Congress in the Telangana assembly polls, K. Kavitha, the leader of Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS), affirmed on Sunday that their commitment remains unwavering as servants of the state's people, irrespective of holding power.

"Jai KCR! Jai BRS! To all members of the BRS family, your dedicated efforts are deeply appreciated! A special acknowledgment to the social media warriors for their relentless fight! We must always remember that our duty as servants to the people of Telangana continues, regardless of being in power or not. Let's wholeheartedly strive for the betterment of our homeland," Kavitha conveyed in a post on 'X'.

With Congress surpassing the majority threshold of 90 seats, they have secured 63 seats in the 119-member Telangana assembly, while the incumbent BRS has obtained 40 seats, according to the latest trends.

The Congress party has ousted the Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) led by Chandrasekhar Rao, which had governed since 2014 when Telangana achieved statehood, by achieving the majority mark.
Revanth Reddy arrived at the party office in Hyderabad as it became evident that Congress was poised to win the state with a clear majority.

After a significant triumph in Karnataka, Congress's assurances in Telangana have proven to be pivotal for the party in India's youngest state.

The commitments encompassed various benefits such as cash transfers, pension schemes, free electricity, gas cylinders, and land allocation, targeting a broad spectrum of voters, including women, farmers, students, and the families of martyrs. These encompassed the 'Mahalakshmi,' 'Rythu Bharosa,' 'Gruha Jyothi,' 'Indiramma Indlu,' 'Yuva Vikasam,' and 'Cheyutha' assurances.

Taking a cue from the 'Karnataka model' post its resounding victory, Congress pledged free bus travel for women in Telangana, along with a monthly Rs 2500 under the Mahalaxmi Yojana. Additionally, an LPG cylinder priced at Rs 500 is among the promises within this initiative.

The party committed to offering 200 units of free electricity per household and a monthly pension of Rs 4,000 for senior citizens.

The Rythu Bharosa (Farmer's Investment Support Scheme) ensures agricultural prosperity for the state's 58.33 lakh farmers by pledging Rs 15,000 annually to farmers and tenant farmers, Rs 12,000 for agricultural laborers, and a Rs 500 bonus for paddy crop farmers.

The Yuva Vikasam scheme includes a Vidya Bharosa card worth Rs 5 lakh for students' education and the establishment of Telangana International Schools in every division of the state.

Under the Indira Amma Indlu scheme, promises include 250 square yards of land and aid of Rs 5 lakh for homeless individuals' housing in the state. The scheme also includes the provision of land measuring 250 square yards for those who participated in the Telangana movement.

The results of the Telangana elections carry significance for the Congress as it heads towards the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. A victory in Karnataka and Telangana would further solidify its presence in the southern region.

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