3 big terrorists of ISIS-K escaped from Afghan jail, are making this big plan
3 big terrorists of ISIS-K escaped from Afghan jail, are making this big plan

Three top ISIS-K terrorists who escaped from Afghan jail are planning to re-engage Kashmiri youth with Lashkar and Jaish in the terror outfit. As per the inputs received by India's Security Agency, two Pakistanis and one Kashmiri are among these three terror attacks. On the other hand, the Taliban militant group has termed it as its right to raise its voice for Kashmir. In the midst of all this, India's problem has now increased further.

The first of these three terrorists is Aslam Farooqi Akhundzada, a Pakistani man. Farooqi hails from the Tybal region of the Afghan-Pakistan border. The terrorist has been involving Kashmiri youth in the terror outfit for the last 10 years but was in afghan jail for the last one year.

The same other terrorist is said to be Manasib, who runs ISISK's social media. Manasib is an IT expert and a resident of Pakistan. Manasib has worked to connect many people in ISIS-K through social media. That is what has now become active again. In addition, the third name is Ejaz Ahangari, who is originally said to be Kashmiri. Ejaz had been absconding from Kashmir for a long time and worked with terrorist organizations in PoK.

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