SIM Card Purchase Process Changed Today, Learn the New Method
SIM Card Purchase Process Changed Today, Learn the New Method

As of today, December 1, there have been significant changes in the rules for purchasing SIM cards in India. The government had released a list of these changes a few months ago, and they are now officially in effect.

What has changed?
Under these changes, the process for consumers to purchase SIM cards remains largely the same. However, the verification process has been enhanced to prevent the acquisition of fake SIM cards.

Benefits of the Changes:
With the increasing cases of cyber fraud, the government has modified the SIM card verification process. This adjustment aims to make it more challenging to buy fake SIM cards and facilitates easier tracking of legitimate ones.

Impact on Consumers:
Similar to before, consumers will still need to provide their Aadhar card (or any other ID card) and a photo to obtain a new SIM card. Additionally, the seller's verification will be required when issuing a new SIM.

Crackdown on Fake SIMs:
The changes enable a more straightforward identification of the individual under whose name a SIM card is registered, and who issued it (the seller). These rules have been implemented by the government to enhance the security of the general public.

Important Consideration:
After the enforcement of these new rules, purchasing a SIM card in someone else's name will become more difficult. If you decide to change your existing number, you will need to provide both your Aadhar card and demographic data.

Penalties for Non-compliance:
Violating these rules could result in penalties of up to 10 lakh rupees. The burden of this fine will fall on the seller. Telecom operators were required to complete the verification of sellers by November 30.

Limitation on SIM Card Purchases:
Changes have also been made to the rules governing bulk SIM card purchases. Now, an individual must have a business connection to buy SIM cards in bulk. Moreover, an individual can only purchase a maximum of 9 SIM cards with one ID.

90-day Deactivation Period:
After a SIM card is deactivated, it will only be issued to another person after a 90-day period. During these three months, users have the option to delete their data associated with the number.

In conclusion, these amendments in SIM card purchase rules are a significant step towards enhancing cybersecurity and preventing fraudulent activities. The stricter verification processes and penalties for non-compliance aim to safeguard consumers and curb the rising cases of cyber fraud related to SIM cards. It is crucial for individuals to be aware of these changes to ensure a smooth and legal process when obtaining or changing SIM cards.

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