The Perfidious Caim a Crime Fiction by Teenage Author Ankita Bansode

Oct 14 2020 09:51 AM
The Perfidious Caim a Crime Fiction by Teenage Author Ankita Bansode

Indian teenage author Ankita Bansode, is a 17 years old student based in Pune, Maharashtra. Currently a grade 12 student, Ankita finds her solace in her books and writing. She began reading novels and books and soon was drawn into writing. Something which started off as a hobby soon transformed into a passion. Ankita Bansode now is an author of crime fiction- The Perfidious Caim. Having been fascinated by the literature world, she aspires to be a great writer in the near future and explore the world.

The Perfidious Caim is a crime fiction story about the life of 4 teenagers. The book sets off with a camping adventure that turns into a life-threatening journey. The 4 teenagers are led into a murder quest, as past summons and disturbs the present. The perfidious Caim is not just a story but is a manual to life. It summarizes some important lessons of life that explains what reality is about. The book’s subhead ‘A moral journey’ is a perfect description about the book and the notions it up-holds. The perfidious Caim, protagonist Adrian, strives hard to pursue truth. The name of the book- ‘The perfidious Caim’ meaning the deceptive, protective circle. The book is an impressive explanation of life theories through the story.

“The one who attains the answers to everything, he or she becomes enlightened, and enlightened doesn’t mean spiritually or as of knowledge, it would certainly mean surrounding and of every unprecedented happening. but at the end of the day, we are bound to accept the truth that humans were made to question everything that they come across, so possibly there wouldn’t be a time where humans will have answers to all questions.But if you think wide enough, we aren’t even looking for answers, we are looking for satisfaction itself. The satisfaction is at the pursuit here, is a way up to spirituality and that’s what we seek.” A paragraph from Ankita Bansode - The perfidious Caim. 

Ankita, explains her motivation to write to be the numerous books she had read over the years. She holds Dan Brown and Agatha Christie close to her heart, as she assumes them to be her greatest mentors. Moreover, she considers her close friends and family to be the source of motivation that she needs to make things get going. The perfidious Caim is a great book for people who love the crime fiction genre, it would make them ponder over the elements of life.

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