The voice of a choir group is always more impactful than even a 100-piece orchestra – Dossmode

Meet Dossmode who creates Indian cinema's first ever "true choir" musical composition. It was for his unconventional score in Puta Tirugisi Nodi that Dheerendra Doss, who goes by the name Dossmode, was first noticed. He has since made music that is different and quirky, where his last released album, Ikkat, even fetched him an award for the best upcoming composer at the Mirchi Music Awards south.

The song Jeeva, was made by me for the film "Thurthu Nirgamana", which is slated for a theatrical release on 24th June, 2022. This song was released online on multiple platforms and channels, as a music video dedicated to Puneeth Rajkumar, as an ode to his legacy.

When Hemanth narrated the story of thurthu nirgamana to me, there was a very unique emotion that had to be highlighted by the music for a particular scene. My natural instinct is to explore unusual genres of music to bring out emotions that are rather challenging to express. In my mind, this particular emotion could be expressed in a simple yet beautiful manner by making use of only human voices.

 The idea of having a purely choir-based song was a natural culmination of my unconventional sounding, and Hemanth Kumar's unique thought process. We both believe that a group of voices in musical harmony have a strong emotional and ethereal effect, which can surpass the power of even a 100-piece orchestra.

Indian cinema has used large groups of singers several times, but mostly as background singers supporting the rest of the music. This time, we wanted to use the true power of such a large group of singers by putting their voices in the forefront. And so, for the first time in the history of Kannada cinema, I have created a true and authentic choral composition.

We had a live recording of the singers in the most beautiful place dedicated to music in bangalore – indian music experience, and also shot the video while recording the song. The team of singers consists of : Nikhil Parthasarathy, Pooja Rao, Manoj Sharma, Arundhati Hegde, Prathima Bhat, Chinmayee Chandrashekhar, Anuradha V Bhat, Supreeth Phalguna, Ganesh Karanth, Nihal Vijeth, Meghana Kulkarni Joshi, Ashwin Sharma, Nagaranjini Raghu, Madhwesh Bharadwaj, Siddhartha Belmannu,and myself- Dossmode. The entire experience of working with these talented singers, and having them give life to my song was nothing short of surreal.

I am extremely elated, that this song has touched the hearts of the masses on a musical, visual and emotional level. I look forward to releasing more of my work from Thurthu Nirgamana and many other films for which I am working on.

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