The world will change after the arrival of 6G! This thing will be put inside the body.
The world will change after the arrival of 6G! This thing will be put inside the body.

The 5G network is set to be introduced in India by the end of this year. Before the arrival of 5G, the discussion on 6G has started. Recently, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundberg has also made a big  prediction about 6G. Lundberg believes that by the year 2030, 6G is going to be introduced in the commercial market. He has made a big announcement not only on 6G but also on the future of smartphones. Pekka Lundberg believes that smartphones are not going to be relegated until the year 2030. However, the smartphone will not cease to exist. Rather, people will start using it in some other form.

Will smartphones be finished?: For example, people are going to be given all the features of smartphones in glasses or smartwatches. At the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, the Nokia CEO has said, "The smartphone that we can use until 6G comes, it will not be able to have the most-used interfaces.

Many of these things will start to get directly into our body. However, he did not specify what technology he was talking about, but many companies are working on technologies such as syborgs and brain computers.

What is Cyborg?: For some time now, many companies have been working on such features. In the future, chips and other technologies can also fit into people's bodies. So far, you must have seen this happen in many Hollywood movies. The birth of the term Cyborg appears to be pointing to this future technology. Cyborg is going to be used to enhance a person's abilities. You can also replace her body part with a machine.  

If everything goes on planning, then it may be that the 6G SIM card can be integrated in the body of people. However, smartphones will not be finished by the year 2030, but the way it is used for a population will have changed.

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