This 7-Year-Old TN Boy Is Taking The Internet By Storm With His Spoof Of TV News

The latest breaking news in Tamil Nadu is happening on a YouTube channel called RithuRocks in which seven-year-old Rithvik (Rithu) does a hilarious spoof of Tamil news channels.

The ‘news show’, in which Rithu plays the female anchor, reporters, a farmer and even producer has taken the internet by storm and has already clocked more than two lakh views within three days of it being uploaded. In fact, the TV news is prefaced by “an important development” – Rithu reveals that his second tooth has fallen off and gives a toothy smile to show the gaps.

Though the Coimbatore based Rithu’s performance as a doctor and his many patients, lady office manager and her interviewees, a tailor and his customers and as a ghost chaser and ghost had been doing the rounds for the past two months it is the news channel episode that went viral and made rest of the world sit back and notice this pocket sized talent. Only after this episode, which was marketed by Tamada media a digital marketing company, did the viewership quadruple and other YouTube channels and news channels descended on Rithu and his family for interviews.

Rithu’s father Jothiraj said that his son had always been a gifted performer and would act in little skits he would write. During the lockdown Rithu and his parents filmed his antics and uploaded them as a channel RithuRocks. While Jothiraj, an assistant director who used to work in a TV channel, wrote the rib-tickling script, handled the camera and editing, his wife Ashadas took care of the makeup and costume and is responsible for Rithu’s transformation into different characters. 


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