This gram panchayat of MP has done wonders, without elections, got sarpanch
This gram panchayat of MP has done wonders, without elections, got sarpanch

Betul: In the Panchayat elections being held in Madhya Pradesh, on the one hand, people are putting a lot of mind to get Sarpanch and other posts, due to which fights are also taking place. But on the other hand, in some panchayats, people are also taking such decisions with mutual approval, which will not only lead to the development of villages, but other people are also getting affected by it. Something similar has happened in Devpur Kotmi Gram Panchayat of Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. Where the desire of the people was to choose an educated and intelligent sarpanch, for which the people of the village made mutual approval and the whole panchayat became unopposed.

In the Devpur Kotmi Gram Panchayat, which comes under Chicholi Janpad Panchayat of Betul district, this time Panchayat elections will not be held, because the people here have elected the Sarpanch and 20 Panchs unopposed by making a general approval. All 20 Panchs and Sarpanch filed nominations one each from this Gram Panchayat. After scrutiny of their nominations, they were found valid. Due to the single nomination, the situation of elections will not be created here. The approval of the villagers is being told behind this decision.

Actually, 6 villages are included in Devpur Kotmi Gram Panchayat and the population here is about 4000. Here every time the elections of Sarpanch and Panch were held in the Gram Panchayat. But this time the villagers decided that there are differences of opinion among themselves in the elections and there are also fights and evils, whereas every time the public representatives were not even educated. In such a situation, a meeting was convened in the village about the sarpanch and panch being educated and it was decided that those who are educated and good people should be elected as sarpanch and panch. Where after the general approval, the selection of Sarpanch and Panch became unopposed here.

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