Top 10 funny jokes of santa and banta

1- Boss: Where Were You Born?

Sardar: India ..

Boss: Which Part?

Sardar: What ‘Which Part’? Whole Body Was Born In India.

2- 2 Sardar Were Fixing A Bomb In A Car.

Sardar 1: What Would You Do If The Bomb

Explodes While Fixing.

Sardar 2: Dont Worry, I Have One More.

3- Sardar: What Is The Name Of Your Car?

Lady: I Forgot The Name, But Is Starts With ‘T’.

Sardar: Oh, What A Strange Car, Starts With Tea. All Cars That I Know Start With Petrol.

4- Santa: I Think That Girl Is Deaf..

Banta: How Do U Know?

Santa: I Told I Love Her, But She Said Her Chappals Are New

5- Santa: Let’s Go For Movie.

Banta: Shit, I’ve Got A Doctor’s Appointment Today..

Santa: Just Cancel It,Tell Him You’re Sick.

6- Santa And Banta Are Walking On A Road, And They Find A 1000 Rupee Note Lying Down.

Santa – What Should We Do Now?

Banta- We’ll Take 50:50.

Santa- What About The Remaining 900?

7- Once There Was A Mirror That Killed Anyone Who Lied…

French : I Think I Dont Smoke (Died).

American : I Think I Love My Wife (Died).

Santa: I Think.. (Died)

8- Sardar: U Cheated Me.

Shopkeeper: No, I Sold A Good Radio To U.

Sardar: Radio Label Shows Made In Japan But Radio Says This Is ‘All India Radio! ‘

9- Santa Goes Into A Bar In New York.

The Man On His Right Orders A Drink, ‘Johnnie Walker, Single.’

The Man On His Left Says, ‘Jack Daniels, Single.’

Santa Says. ‘Santa Singh, Married.’

10- Tourist: Whose Skeleton Is That?

Sardar: An Old King’s Skeleton.

Tourist: Who’s That Smaller Skeleton Next To It?

Sardar: That Was Same King’s Skeleton When He Was A Child.

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