Trouble making 5G internet! Air India canceled 14 flights"

New Delhi: Discussion is still going on about how much risk can be due to 5G internet. Meanwhile, Air India has canceled 14 flights on the Indo-US routes from Wednesday due to the installation of 5G internet in North America. Actually, the waves of 5G internet can interfere with the navigation system of the aircraft. Meanwhile, DGCA chief Arun Kumar said that the Indian Aviation Regulator is working to rescue our carriers from the situation arising out of the deployment of 5G internet in the US.

US aviation regulator the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported on January 14 that "5G interference with an aircraft's radio altimeter can prevent the engine and braking system from transitioning into landing mode, making it difficult for a flight to stop on the runway." ". The altimeter measures the altitude of the flight above the ground. The band on which the altimeter works is almost the band on which the 5G system works.

Total three careers:-
American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Air India - currently operate direct flights between India and the US. American Airlines and Delta Airlines did not respond to media queries on the matter. Air India has canceled eight and six flights operating on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

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