Uncle used to enter room after mother went out and.., everyone stunned to hear minor's ordeal

Indore: An incident shaming relationships has come to light in Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh. A middle-aged man has been arrested here for allegedly raping a girl. He is the girl's real uncle in the relationship. When the girl's parents went out to work, he used to misbehave with the child. Now, on receiving the complaint, police action has been initiated.

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On the complaint of an innocent, the women's police station of Indore has registered a case against her uncle for rape and other serious sections. It is alleged that when the parents of the innocent girl used to go out of the house at work. At the same time, he used to misbehave with the innocent. Not only this, but he also threatened the girl not to tell anyone.

This shameful act was revealed when the innocent started remaining silent for many days. When the mother feared something untoward, she counselled the child. She told after questioning that her uncle touches wrong to her. The police have registered a case on the complaint of the innocent and started investigation, the same uncle has been arrested. The victim's family had complained to the Mahila Thana police that their daughter had been silent for a few days. She doesn't interact with the family. The girl is about six years old. When the girl was taken into confidence and asked her the reason for staying calm, she told about her uncle's actions. Innocent told that the uncle used to do wrong things when no one lived at home. Not only this, but he also used to scare her that if she told anyone about it, he would oppress her more. She will be made to stand outside the house in a naked state, the child so remained quiet for several days.

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