Social Media Rally in Defense of Prachi Nigam Amidst Trolling
Social Media Rally in Defense of Prachi Nigam Amidst Trolling

Prachi Nigam, the Uttar Pradesh class 10th topper, faced criticism online for her facial hair after the UP Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad announced the results for classes 10th and 12th on April 20. Nigam, a student from Sitapur, achieved an impressive score of 98.50%, or 591 out of 600 marks. However, her achievement was overshadowed by negative comments about her appearance as her images went viral. While trollers targeted Nigam's features, many people quickly rallied to her defense. Critics pointed out the harmful impact such comments could have on her confidence, emphasizing the need for empathy and understanding. Some suggested that Nigam might be experiencing hormonal imbalances, such as PCOS, which could account for her facial hair.

Social media users expressed their support for Nigam, highlighting her intelligence and hard work. They criticized those who mocked her, suggesting that her critics may have struggled academically themselves. They praised Nigam for her academic success and encouraged her to ignore the negativity and continue pursuing her dreams. the situation underscored the societal tendency to judge women based on their appearance rather than their achievements. Supporters called for a shift in focus toward recognizing and celebrating Nigam's remarkable academic accomplishment.

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