UP: Snake was hiding in school bag, as soon as the child opened...
UP: Snake was hiding in school bag, as soon as the child opened...

Lucknow: shocking case has come to light in Harhi village under Sarai Khwaja in Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. In fact, a class 11 child was bitten by a snake hiding in a school bag in the Malhani area of Jaunpur on Friday morning. The child was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries before reaching the hospital. According to the information, as soon as the student opened his bag, the snake hiding in it bit him.

As soon as the family members got the news of the snake bites on the children, the ground slipped under their feet. The child was rushed to the hospital, but the venom of the snake was so dangerous that the child could not bear it and died before reaching the hospital. After the death of the child, a mourning holiday was declared in his school. According to information, Akash Kumar, who is studying in class 11, was taking down the bag hanging on the pole to send his younger brother to school.  

While unloading the bag, the bag was left out of his hand, so that the snake hiding in it felt that he had been bitten. Assuming an attack on itself, the snake bit Akash Kumar's leg. Akash's health started deteriorating after the snake bite. The family immediately rushed Akash to the hospital. But he couldn't be saved. On the other hand, on hearing the news of Akash's death, there was mourning in the school. The school administration immediately extended a holiday to the school to mourn.  

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